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Raid the Wind's Olympic Ranger, CGC

Photo: Ranger at 3 Years
Weight - 115 Lbs
Height - 31"
...and great hips* too!

*PennHIP rating in 90th percentile (i.e., best possible percentile and tighter than at least 90% of all other Shilohs in the PennHIP database). Distraction Index for both left & right hips is .28. (Current median for Shilohs is .41.)

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Family Tree

Click on the tree to see Ranger's family tree with over 250 pedigrees back to the first registered German Shepherd Dog.

If you have a Shiloh Shepherd, chances are your dog is descended from many of these same dogs!

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Ranger - Large, strong, and healthy!

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Please click to help find my brother Rumble!

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