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Our Shiloh Shepherd
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Family Album

Ranger with his brothers and sisters

4 Raid the Wind pups at 8-1/2 weeks

Ranger (far right) with (from left to right) siblings Maximus, Chili, & Rumble at 8-1/2 weeks

Ranger and Chili at 8 weeks

Ranger and his sister Chili at 8-1/2 weeks

Ranger and siblings at 3-1/2 weeks

Several of the siblings at 3-1/2 weeks

8 Shiloh pups at 3-1/2 weeks

All of us at 3-1/2 weeks (on 1 Oct 00). At this age we're allowed to eat by stepping on our platter!

3 pups - Ranger on right

Ranger (right) with two of his siblings

7 Shiloh pups at 3-1/2 weeks

Ranger (center) with 6 of his brothers & sisters at 3-1/2 weeks (One sister was off exploring)


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