Ranger's Sister Chili

Raid the Wind Four Alarm Chili

Chili at 11 Months

Chili at 11 months

Chili Winning in Harrisburg

Above: Chili winning in Harrisburg!

Chili - 5 months

Chili at 5 months.

The pups' sire, Raider, is behind Chili.

Chili, Ever, and Rumble howling

Chili (on left) leading the "chorus"! Brother Rumble is at far right.

Chili (11 months) and our Mom, Bita

Chili (left) at 11 months and the pups' dam, Bita (at right)

Chili and (Mom) Bita in Harrisburg

Above: Chili (left) and (Mom) Bita in Harrisburg

Chili - 8-1/2 weeks

Chili at 8-1/2 weeks

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